February 2011
Well, most of this update will be about February, but I did go through and find a few videos that had been missed in the past few months.  It takes a lot more work to make a video than it does to just post up a picture, so I often skip some video content in hopes of keeping the photos up to date.  In doing so however, I miss a few things that are really fun and when I have a few free minutes I like to go back and share them.

Owen has a drum that he uses in music therapy that he absolutely loves: 


and since he missed so much school before Christmas I decided that he needed one at home.  You can see that Owen loves to play his drum, and that he also feels that its use shouldn't be limited to merely making pleasant sounds:

That video was taken just after Christmas (you can still see the boxes of loot behind the drum).    Owen also showed off another skill he he has been practicing that night:

If you recall Sammy received a new bike for Christmas. It was a real big girl bike with hand brakes and gears.  Unfortunately it was very snowy for this Christmas and she couldn't ride it right away.  The first break that we got in the weather was on New Year's Eve and we headed down to the park to give it a go:

There are more videos at the bottom of this entry, but now it's time to catch up on some pictures taken in the weeks after those videos above.  Firstly I have a few pictures of Owen at school.  Since I'm with him all day, and I do like to take pictures, I have taken a few while we are at school.  I have been trying to get one with each person that works with him and here is a start:

Preschool Teacher - Ms. Ryan:


The Other Preschool Aide (and my partner in crime) - Ms. Amy:


Music Therapy - Ms. Julie:


Hearing Therapy - Ms. Stacey:


I have a few more that I need to get pictures of and I'll try to do that over the next few weeks.  In the meantime I have a few other random pictures from school taken during February:




Sammy outdid herself this year for Valentine's Day.  She used her own money to purchase some very interesting headwear, and then she and I spent an afternoon making the skirt shown below.  Sammy actually used Mommy's real sewing machine to sew most of the seams on this skirt:


I bet no one else in her class came as festively dressed as Sammy did!

The two pictures below were taken of Owen in March and April of 2009:



You can see that Owen needs to stand on a step to be able to see out of the window.  He also didn't really stand himself up there, Nacol had to help him up and you see that she is staying close by.  Check out Mr. Owen almost two years later in February 2011:


No step, and he crawled across the room and pulled himself up there to look out the window.

And now we're up to yesterday.  Owen has been making some amazing progress at school since his VNS surgery.  All kinds of things that were way beyond his intellectual abilities seem to be accomplished with ease now.  Take the picture below:


Owen is happily sitting with a "What's Inside" box.  You can't see down inside it, but it has a plus sign cut into the top that you can put your hand down in.  Inside the box are all kinds of objects and you are supposed to reach in and pull the objects out.  Owen had a few issues with this sort of thing in the past - he didn't "get" that there were things inside, he didn't really want to put his hand down in where he couldn't see it, and even if you pushed his hand down in he would let go of the objects before he got them all the way out.  Here is a little video of Owen now completely mastering this activity:

In addition to mental leaps, he has also been taking some physical ones too.  He started doing this one just before Christmas and has now completely mastered it: the art of crawling on hands and knees rather than army crawling with his tummy on the floor:

And not to be left out, Sammy also wanted to have a video of one of her accomplishments.  She has now mastered "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the piano - and Owen felt the need to sing along in a few spots:

Finally, a few pictures I took after those last videos. 



And I was in the process of getting a picture of the two kids in the chair when Grandma Higgins called:


and asked to talk to them - so I got a picture of that.

February has been an exciting month, I can't wait to see what March will bring!
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